Spirulina Blue (Phycocyanin)
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Spirulina Blue (Phycocyanin)

  • Phycocyanin 1g/1000mL
  • Tincture

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Why is the blue spirulina important?

Blue spirulina extract phycocyanin is a powerful antioxidant and can be used in many ways as a blue colorant. Both in cosmetics and in food.

Typical applications: Spirulina Blue (Phycocyanin)

The blue spirulina dye phycocyanin is a natural food colouring. It is a healthy protein with many amino acids and can be used in various products. Especially in colored sweets, phycocyanin is a unique, natural color for blue.

The company Haribo offered blue jelly babies as a short-term offer in the Fan Edition. The blue eye-catchers were coloured with the natural colouring agent phycocyanin from spirulina.

typical applications for Spirulina Blue (Phycocyanin)  Liquid

Typical applications

  • Phycocyanin is used as a dietary supplement, or coloring ingredient in various foods e.g. candies and gummy animals
  • In cosmetics, phycocyanin is added because its anti-inflammatory properties promote a healthy skin appearance
  • As a dietary supplement, it is often offered as a liquid phycocyanin shot to increase performance

Typical applications in the cosmetics industry:

The liquid form of phycocyanin is marketed as the original product of unparalleled purity. Phycocyanin is the famous blue pigment of Spirulina algae. The natural, water-soluble antioxidant has an intense blue color, which is popularly used in cosmetics as a coloring and functional component. Thus, the substance contained in spirulina determines a long-lasting green-blue coloration in cosmetic formulas such as lotions.

Due to its antioxidant potential, it is an effective radical fighter.
In addition, various studies show that phycocyanin has anti-inflammatory properties and promotes healthy skin appearance.

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Product information: Spirulina Blue (Phycocyanin)

Phycocyanin is formed by the microalgae Spirulina and is a natural, water-soluble antioxidant with an intense blue colour. Various studies have demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties. Due to its antioxidative potential it is also an effective radical scavenger. 

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