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Schizochytrium sp. DHA omega-3-fatty acid

  • DHA 550 mg

Delivery time
5-8 weeks
Quality by Alganex

Why is DHA from microalgae important?

DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is an important omega-3 fatty acid and must be absorbed by the human body for stable health. Vegan DHA from microalgae offers a unique alternative to fish oil and thus protects fish populations.

Babies can only produce a certain amount of DHA themselves, which is why the European Food Safety Authority and the German Nutrition Society have recommended that an additional 200 mg of DHA should be ingested during pregnancy and breastfeeding, mainly from fish oil, but this is gradually leading to overfishing.

A vegan alternative is DHA, which is obtained from the microalgae Schizochytrium sp. For all people who do not want to or cannot eat fish as often, a supplementation of DHA from microalgae is recommended.

typical applications for Schizochytrium sp. DHA omega-3-fatty acid  Oleoresin

Typical applications

  • DHA oleoresin is used in food and dietary supplements
  • the oil from the microalgae Schizochytrium sp. offers a unique alternative to the usual fish oil

ALGANEX certificate system

  • ALGANEX guarantees a high quality product without impurities
  • the DHA comes 100 % from Schizochytrium sp.
  • The DHA content is at least 550 mg.

The omega-3 fatty acid DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is essential for vision, brain development and the development of the central nervous system of unborn and newborn humans and animals. Our product is suitable for vegetarian and vegan nutrition. 

product information


appereance yellow up to dark yellow 
composition oil extract from the microalgae Schizochytrium sp., highly concentrated sunflower oil (HOSO), natural tocopherols (E306).


acid value < 0,5 mg KOH/g
peroxide value < 5 meqO2/Kg
anisidine value < 15
unsaponifiable matter < 3,5 %
moisture & volatiles < 0,05 %
Docosahexaenoic acid(DHA) 550 mg/g (FA)
Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) 571 mg/g (TG)
trans Fatty acids < 1 %

Microbiological contaminations 

total bacterial count (aerob)  < 1 x 103 KBE/g
moult < 100 KBE/g
salmonella undetectable
enterobacteriaceae < 100 KBE/g

heavy metals

arsenic < 0,1 mg/Kg
mercury < 0,1 mg/Kg
cadmium < 0,1 mg/Kg
lead < 0,05 mg/Kg