Undaria pinnatifida (Wakame)
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Undaria pinnatifida (Wakame)

  • Trace Elemtens: such as Manganese, Sodium and Magnesium
  • Vitamin A, C, E and K
  • Fucoidan for hydration and plumping of the skin
  • Fucoxanthin as an agent to help regulate weight

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Introduction: Undaria pinnatifida (Wakame)

What is Undaria pinnatifida?

Undaria pinnatifida, also known as Wakame, is a brown alga that primarily grows in the Pacific Northwest. Wakame forms dense and tall kelp forests, which provide a habitat for other plants and algae. This seaweed can grow up to 3 meters high and adheres to rocks and stones using its claw-like rhizoids. Wakame has a broad, flat thallus with a wavy edge and a cartilaginous, dark brown appearance. The thallus can also divide into finger-like bands.

One unique characteristic of Wakame is its two-stage developmental process, known as generational change. In the macroscopic stage, the golden brown sporophytes (spore-forming generation) form.

Where does Undaria pinnatifida grow?

Undaria pinnatifida, also known as Wakame, is an opportunistic brown alga that grows on hard surfaces such as rocks and stones. It is known to attach itself to slightly unusual objects such as ropes, buoys, ship hulls, and marine equipment. Wakame thrives in water that is rich in currents below the tidal limit.

Today, this alga is classified as an invasive species due to its ability to attach itself to ship hulls and spread its spores to new environments. As a result, Wakame can now be found around the world. This has led to the displacement of native plants and algae in these new habitats.

How nutrient-rich is Undaria pinnatifida?

As already mentioned, Undaria pinnatifida, also known as wakame, is rich in minerals, vitamins and trace elements. In addition to its high iodine content, wakame also provides zinc, fiber and protein, as well as vitamins A, C, E and B12.

The vitamins it contains, especially vitamin B12, make wakame a superfood, as people often only get this vitamin from supplements or a meat-based diet.

The high protein content of wakame is important for muscle health and can improve performance and aid recovery after exercise. The fiber in wakame stimulates metabolism and supports gastrointestinal function.

How can Undaria pinnatifida be used in cosmetics?

Wakame, or Undaria pinnatifida, can be used in cosmetics in various ways. Its nutrient-rich ingredients make it ideal for natural cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The fucoidan in Wakame can hydrate and tighten the epidermis when applied to the skin, making it useful in moisturizers and other skincare products. Wakame is also high in various polysaccharides that give it antioxidant, antiestrogenic, antidiabetic, and photoprotective properties, making it useful in a variety of skin care products. The liquid extract of Wakame can also be used in cosmetics formulations.

What are the benefits of Undaria pinnatifida when used for skin?

Undaria pinnatifida, also known as Wakame, is recommended for daily use on the skin due to its nutrient-rich ingredients. This makes it ideal for natural cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Wakame has an antioxidant effect, which protects the skin from external influences.

The high liquid needs of the skin are met when Wakame is applied, as the fucoidan in the alga hydrates and tightens the epidermis. The liquid extract is recommended for use in cosmetics formulations.

Wakame is rich in various polysaccharides that give it antioxidant, antiestrogenic, antidiabetic, and photoprotective properties. It is also beneficial for nails, bones, and hair.

Typical applications: Undaria pinnatifida (Wakame)

typical applications for Undaria pinnatifida (Wakame)  Liquid

Typical applications

Undaria pinnatifida, also known as "Wakame" is probably best known as green seaweed salad and soup, which is widely used in Japanese and Korean cuisine. Wakame also contains many different trace elements and vitamins.

Like many other types of algae, Undaria pinnatifida is very good for the skin and is therefore ideally suited for natural cosmetics. Due to its wide range of ingredients, Wakame offers an antioxidant effect that protects the skin from external influences and detoxifies it. What makes Wakame special is that it is part of the brown algae and therefore contains a substance called Fucoidan, which hydrates and tightens the skin.

The liquid is usually used in the production of cosmetics.

This product is available in the following forms of liquid extracts: water extract, glycerin extract and water-glycerin extract.

The product is also available as powder.

Typical applications in the cosmetics industry:

Undaria pinnatifida is a brown alga that exerts a soothing function on the skin. This alga is also a rich source of nutrients when used externally. Hydration due to the polysaccharides, action as an antioxidant and soothing due to the fucoidan are some of the benefits and properties of Undaria pinnatifida macroalga.

Wakame macroalga can reduce the depth of wrinkles and improves the hydration of the skin. In addition, it has the ability to reduce redness after the skin is exposed to UV radiation. Undaria pinnatifida inhibits the activity of radical-producing enzymes and glycation.

Its role as an antioxidant is the basis for the reduction of oxidative stress in tissues and its action as an anti-aging agent. It also has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antimicrobial effects.

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