Spirulina Water Glycerin Extract
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Spirulina Water Glycerin Extract

  • Revitalizing
  • Moisturizing
  • Water 15-35%
  • Glycerin 65-85%

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Typical applications: Spirulina Water Glycerin Extract

typical applications for Spirulina Water Glycerin Extract  liquid

Typical applications

  • Spirulina water glycerin extract is used for cosmetics products.
  • The ingredients of the Spirulina algae, especially the peptides are suitable for anti-aging and moisturizing skin care products.
  • The colourless to light yellow liquid makes it very easy to blend with other cosmetic ingredients.

Typical applications in the cosmetics industry:

Spirulina Water Glycerin Extract is suitable both in cosmetic care for skin and hair and in the preparation of dermatological agents for skin treatment. In addition, Spirulina Water Glycerin Extract has effective components that stimulate the intracellular synthesis of ATP and the differentiation of keratinocytes. The peptides and other ingredients of Spirulina are especially recommended for moisturizing skin care products and anti-aging.

Spirulina water glycerin extract is applied through lotions, ointments and creams. The extract can also be found in aqueous liposome gels, as the gels have a positive effect on the skin due to their composition of fatty substances and their lipid-replenishing properties. The liquid can be mixed very well with other cosmetic components.

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Product information: Spirulina Water Glycerin Extract

Spirulina water glycerin extract is a product specifically developed for the cosmetics industry. The ingredients of the microalgae are dissolved in the liquid, which makes it easier to further blend it in the production of cosmetics products.

The peptides, vitamins and minerals make it perfectly suited for skin care products. It helps moisturizing and revitalizing the skin, which can habe an anti-aging effect.