Selenastrum sp.
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Selenastrum sp.

  • Protein
  • Lipids
  • Amino Acids

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Typical applications: Selenastrum sp.

typical applications for Selenastrum sp.  Powder

Typical applications

Selenastrum sp. is a microalga in the green algae group. Its crescent or sickle-shaped appearance is particularly noticeable.

Selenastrum sp. is used in aquaculture as fish food. A less commercial but still interesting use of Selenastrum sp. is, its role as an indicator of the cleanliness of lakes and rivers. Being particularly sensitive to toxins and contaminants, Selenastrum sp. microalgae is a good gauge of water cleanliness.

Due to its content of protein, lipids as well as amino acids, Selenastrum sp. microalgae is a good supplement for aquaculture animal feed.

This product is available in the form of Selenastrum sp. powder.

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