Fucus serratus powder
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Fucus serratus powder

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Bio organic algae product
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This product is also available in conventional form in addition to the organic version.

Typical applications: Fucus serratus powder

typical applications for Fucus serratus powder  powder

Typical applications

Fucus serratus also known as "toothed wrack" is a brown alga that occurs in many parts of the oceans.

It has been traditionally used as a fertilizer because of its many nutrients, especially in Ireland and France.

Fucus serratus is also used in cosmetics, as an ingredient for skin care and creams.

This product is available in the following forms: Fucus serratus powder, Fucus serratus flakes and dried Fucus serratus raw algae. This product is also available as a non-organic variant.

Typical applications in the cosmetics industry:

Fucus serratus has similar properties, which are beneficial for the creation of cosmetics, as other species of the genus Fucus.

Due to its nutrient profile, it has a positive effect on the appearance of the skin and can be well used in moisturizers and anti-aging products.

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