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Chlorella vulgaris

  • Protein 50 % 
  • Vitamin B12

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Why closed culture systems?

Chlorella does not grow very quickly in open tanks and foreign, unwanted organisms often occur during the cultivation process. A closed system enables controlled and contamination-free growth of 100 % pure Chlorella algae.

Typical applications: Chlorella vulgaris

An easy way to detoxify yourself without eating only tea would be to take chlorella tablets daily. According to a European Union study, everyone has substances in their body that are harmful to their health. In order to quickly get rid of the harmful substances that are absorbed daily through breathing, skin or food, it is therefore advisable to take Chlorella every day.

The microalgae detoxify the body through its cell wall, which collects the toxins and harmful substances. The toxins and harmful substances are then excreted with the cell wall of the chlorella algae, so they have no way of attacking your body.

The chlorella algae also has a high protein content, rich fibres, a high proportion of trace elements, minerals and saturated fatty acids, which prevents deficiencies of these health-promoting elements. Chlorella tablets are taken as a food supplement and can also be crushed into a powder to make a smoothie, for example.

typical applications for Chlorella vulgaris  Tablets

Typical applications

  • Chlorella tablets are used as food supplements
  • Due to the tablet form the dosage is easy and oral intake is unproblematic

ALGANEX certificate system

  • ALGANEX guarantees a high quality product without impurities
  • Chlorella powder comes 100 % from controlled cultivation in closed systems
  • The tablets are free of additives

Product information: Chlorella vulgaris

Chlorella tablets have a high nutrient density with a high protein content, many vitamins and minerals. Due to the high content of vitamin B12, the daily requirement of the vitamin can be covered by taking 10 tablets (30 g) daily. In addition, the plant green chlorophyll helps with iron deficiency. Cultivation in a closed system prevents contamination of the product. 



appearance gras green
dry substance > 92 %

nutrional value

energy 1563 kj                  
  373 kcal                            
fat  9,1 g
satured fatty acids 2,6 g
carbonhydrates 15 g
sugars 1,9 g
proteins 50 g
salt 0,04 g

heavy metal

arsenic                < 0,7 mg/kg 
lead   < 3 mg/kg
cadium  < 1 mg/kg
mercury  < 0,1 mg/kg

microbiological contamination 

total bacterial count (aerobe)  < 1 x 103 KBE/g
Escherichia coli  < 1 KBE/g
mould < 1 x 103 KBE/g
salmonella undetectable
coliformes germs < 1 x 103 KBE/g


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