Chaetoceros sp.
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Chaetoceros sp.

  • Lipids
  • Protein
  • Amino Acids

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Typical applications: Chaetoceros sp.

typical applications for Chaetoceros sp.  Powder

Typical applications

With approximately 400 species describes, Chaetoceros seems to be the largest genus of marine planktonic diatoms. It can be found in waters all around the world and it is one of the most wide spread and numerous genera of planktonic diatoms. Chaetoceros is said to be the most important functional component of pelagic ecosystem, providing as a food for zooplankton in the water column. Additonally, they have a huge potential for producing nutraceuticals and biofuel.

Its ability to form powerful blooms and its high growth rates have made Chaetoceros an interesting subject of research and a solidly established product for commercial aquacultures. Many of the species are considered effective producers of useful lipids and other biologically active products with elevated value.

This product is available in the following forms: Chaetoceros powder

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