Tetraselmis chuii

Tetraselmis chuii

  • beta-Carotene
  • Lutein
  • Neoxanthin
  • Violaxanthin
  • Diadinoxanthin
  • EPA

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typical applications for Tetraselmis chuii  powder

Typical applications

Tetraselmis is mainly used for pet food in the field of aquaristics because of its wide range of important and useful ingredients that benefit the animals.
but can also be used for food.

However, the possibilities are not limited only by aquaristics, quite the contrary, Tetraselmis can also be used as food for humans and is very healthy. Furthermore, because of the antioxidant substances it contains, it can also protect the skin from free radicals, i.e. external influences.

An example for the use of Tetraselmis in aquaristics is OceanMagik from Algae Barn.

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