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Chlorella vulgaris

  • Protein 50 % 
  • Vitamin B12

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Why closed culture systems?

Chlorella grows rather slowly in open tanks and during the cooling process undesirable accompanying organisms such as bacteria often occur. Closed systems enable controlled and contamination-free growth for 100% pure Chlorella algae. 

Typical applications: Chlorella vulgaris

Every day our body is exposed to harmful substances. They are absorbed by our breathing and disturb our health. These harmful substances can be excreted again with the help of chlorella by binding to the algae cell wall.

Chlorella capsules also provide rich dietary fibres and a high proportion of trace elements, thus preventing deficiency symptoms. Chlorella capsules can be taken as a food supplement or integrated directly into a smoothie, for example.


typical applications for Chlorella vulgaris  Capsules

Typical applications

  • Chlorella capsules are used as food supplements
  • The capsules make dosage easy and oral intake unproblematic

ALGANEX certificate system

  • ALGANEX guarantees ahigh quality product without impurities
  • Chlorella capsules are 100% from controlled cultivation from closed systems
  • The capsules are free of additives

Product information: Chlorella vulgaris

Chlorella capsules are high in protein and have many vitamins and minerals. The daily requirement of vitamin B12 can be met by taking 30 g of chlorella (10 tablets). In addition, the green chlorophyll helps with iron deficiency. Cultivation in a closed system can prevent contamination in the product.


appearance  gras green
dry substance > 92 %

nutritional value 

energy 1563 kj                  
  373 kcal                            
fat 9,1 g
saturated fatty acids 2,6 g
carbohydrates 15 g
sugars 1,9 g
proteins 50 g
salt 0,04 g

heavy metals

arsenic              < 0,7 mg/kg 
lead  < 3 mg/kg
cadium  < 1 mg/kg
mercury  < 0,1 mg/kg

microbiological contaminations 

total bacterial count (aerobe)  < 1 x 103 KBE/g
Escherichia coli  < 1 KBE/g
mould < 1 x 103 KBE/g
Salmonella undetectable
coliformes germs < 1 x 103 KBE/g

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